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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tale As Old As Time

            Beauty and the Beast is twenty years old today.  Coincidentally, I turned twenty-six yesterday, so happy birthday to us both.  Celebrate the occasion by inviting over some guests for dinner (be sure to decorate your fanciest table with a red rose centerpiece and a candelabra) and popping in the Beauty and the Beast blu-ray/DVD, what have you.  Then come back here and read and comment on the Beauty and the Beast entry!
… Sorry, I couldn’t resist the shameless plug. 


  1. November 21 is your birthday? Mine too! You're nine years older, though =D.

    Have you been watching Once Upon A Time? I just started two weeks ago and I love it. I thought maybe since you love the fairytales so much you'd be a fan.

    Love your blog, I check in occasionally but not as often as I used to, your posts are sadly far between lately :P. Keep them coming!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Glad to see you're carrying on--I've been checking less frequently simply due to computer problems and being busy. Congratulations to Ginger, from a fellow 2012 bride!

  3. Do you do Tumblr? If so...follow me? It's Disney, no doubt :)


  4. So have you seen it in 3D yet? I haven't been able to go. I wonder if it's the Human Again version.

    1. I did get to see it in theatres in 3D. It isn't the Human Again version, but I actually thought that they did a better job converting it to 3D than they did The Lion King. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing The Little Mermaid. All of those fish will be popping off the screen!

  5. I just went too and was glad that this version was a LOT closer to the original release in terms of brightness and the audio (the Beast's little stutter was put back in). But I really wish they'd stop doing 3D conversions of older films that it doesn't really work for. The only one I think might work well in 3D is Tarzan.

  6. so while we wait for the next post (and no pressure; I know life gets in the way), I was wondering if you are watching Once Upon a Time. It seems totally up your alley. Aside from a few reservations, I'm quite enjoying it.