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Monday, June 11, 2012

Preview of Coming Attractions



Coming June 13th, 2012


  1. now that a couple years have passed, I'm gonna watch each movie again before your post, so it will be fresh in my mind. Just watched Hercules again, and I've definitely got some stuff to say and look forward to your insights (very curious if we come to similar conclusions).

    And hey, if you keep on target, you'll finish these up just in time for Wreck-It Ralph! Doesn't the trailer look great?

  2. I'm really interested to see your thoughts on this movie, since it tends to be under appreciated. Its interesting how they managed to portray the values of classic Greek mythology while maintaining the Disney flare.

    P.S. I love the Hercules soundtrack. "Go the Distance" was the song I chose for my graduation slide show :)

  3. Breanna I don't mean to be a pest butbutbut it's been 5 months since you last posted and it says here that the hercules post was coming on june 13th. :( Alright so maybe I am pestering you but PLEASE do post soon? :) :) I've been checking back every now and then and I will continue to do so until you've finished all 50 films! :) I love your blog very much and am always anxiously waiting for the next post.